Steve A. Mize, ASA

Co-Founder and Partner

An entrepreneur at heart, Steve Mize launched GCF Valuation while getting his Finance and Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management degree in finance at Florida State University. At the age of 26, Steve became one of the youngest professionals to earn the Accredited Senior Appraiser designation. Nearly 25 years after starting the company, GCF has grown into the nation’s leading provider of SBA-compliant valuations. And today, Steve’s vision is driving innovation and new business opportunities in the industry.

Over the years, Steve has accumulated broad experience in the valuation field, including fairness opinions, mergers and acquisitions, feasibility analyses, strategic planning and providing expert witness testimony. Steve also noticed that a growing number of financial institutions were offering valuations and market information to their small-business clients. To address the needs of the small-business community, he developed three new services—BankerValuation, PeerComps, and FinVal—to improve lenders’, brokers’, and financial advisors’ ability to deliver accurate assessments to their clients.

Steve oversees over a hundred different projects every month, optimizing the delivery process and client experience over time. He enjoys attending industry conferences, at the same time managing the company’s high-level decision making.

Since he started GCF, Steve has fostered a family-like culture. He doesn’t think of himself as anyone’s boss; instead, everyone at GCF is on the same team working toward the same goals.

Steve is married and has two children, Alice and Ruby. He is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys skiing, snowboarding, and fly fishing. A former college baseball player, Steve is the grandson of Baseball Hall of Famer Johnny Mize.